permit expediting

We know San Francisco’s unique permitting regulations and have extensive experience at the San Francisco Department of Building Inspections. Whether residential or commercial, our permitting expertise helps keep the permitting process on track. As well as obtaining all necessary permits, we can help you voluntarily bring your home up to code, addressing issues proactively. We are fiercely supportive of our clients and their wish to create a sound living situation.

notice of violations

Notice of Violations are regularly being served in San Francisco. You may hire our expediting services independently. In addition, we are happy to work with you to remedy code violations and complete the permitting process.


Call us before you open your house to Airbnb guests. We have been hired to fix violations. It only takes one phone call to the building department from a disgruntled neighbor to turn your home business into a migraine. Make sure your property meets San Francisco Airbnb requirements so that your business venture can be as fun and lucrative as it should be.